Going for 20 – Marathon Training

5-Ways-To-Continue-to-Reach-Your-GoalsTomorrow I’m going to run my second ever 20 mile run as I prepare for my first marathon. When I was done with my first 20 mile run, I couldn’t believe it. I had to keep checking my RunKeeper until it actually felt real. My body definitely felt like I ran 20 miles but the thought of covering 20 miles still seems impossible. Obviously, it’s not impossible for me or for anyone. It takes a significant amount of physical effort, however, in order to cover 20 miles in one run, it also requires a large amount of mental effort.

During my first 20 mile run, I stopped after each 5 mile increment to record a quick Periscope video to chronicle my progress. The 5 mile breaks were great, however I did have to stop in between a couple of the 5 miles breaks to stretch, drink some water and honestly I used that time to hype myself back up to keep going. It was the hardest thing I’ve ever done and I’m going back out there tomorrow to tackle it again. As I’ve been going through this marathon training process, I’ve learned a few things that apply to everything in life.

  1. Prepare, prepare prepare
  2. Consistency creates habits
  3. Mindset is everything
  4. Pain is temporary

1.  Prepare, Prepare, Prepare

Before you take on any challenge, you want to make sure that you have everything that you might need along the way. Another part of being prepared is trusting that you’ll know what to do when something unexpected happens because something unexpected will happen. You can’t possibly be prepared for every situation. Therefore, the lesson is to prepare the best way you know how, ask people for help along the way and if all else fails, make up the rest as you go. You’ll figure it out!

2. Consistency Creates Habits

Researchers say it takes 21-28 days to create a habit. That’s why the first 3-4 weeks of anything new is so difficult. New eating plans, exercise routines or business efforts. Our minds are naturally adverse to change. However, once the change becomes a habit the activity takes significantly less effort to maintain. To be on the safe side, give yourself 5 weeks to create a habit out of new activity in your life. After that, re-evaluate. Chances are by the end of 5 weeks that new activity will be a natural part of your day to day routine.

3. Mindset Is Everything

Being a self-belief coach and trainer it is my passion to teach people the power of a mindset. There is a noticeable energetic difference between “I can’t, it’s too hard” and “I’ve got this, it’s going to be fun!” You can select any area of your life and simply choose between those two mindsets. It’s clear that if everyday you CHOOSE to tell yourself “I’ve got this, it’s going to be fun” you will have a much more enjoyable experience than if you CHOOSE to tell yourself “I can’t, it’s too hard.” You get to choose your mindset. Choose the one the gets you to where you want to go!

4. Pain Is Temporary

Let’s be honest here. It really, really hurts to run 20 miles, especially if you’ve never run that far before. But it is temporary. Stepping out of your comfort zone to do something you’ve never done before might feel stressful, overwhelming and you might even think that you’ll faint on the spot, but in reality, that feeling is temporary. The feeling may last a minute, an hour or longer. But once you’ve stepped out your comfort zone a crazy thing happens… your comfort zone gets bigger and soon that one thing is no longer uncomfortable, you lived through it!

All in all, successfully preparing for a first marathon requires a certain perspective and activities. This perspective and the activities are easily transferable to any FIRST in life. If you’re taking on something new to you, I welcome you to comment below to let me know about your new adventure. If you want some more ideas about how to stay on track please feel free to schedule a complimentary session by clicking here:

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