Staying Motivated

You have goals right? Have you ever had a huge goal? Did you start working toward it with enthusiasm and excitement? You made progress and were seeing results. Then, all of a sudden, did all of that energy seem to disappear? Were you left wondering, “what happened to my motivation?”  That moment can be very difficult. It’s the moment where you want to achieve something but can’t seem to find any energy to actually make it happen. Is this when you give up? Is then when you start talking yourself out of wanting to achieve the goal?

You’re not alone. I’m in this moment right now. Well, actually, this moment has been going on for about 4 days. I’m afraid to share.. but here goes…

I’ve been talking myself out of of wanting to run the marathon in 2 weeks!

As I read it on the screen it looks ludicrous! How could I possibly be in this state of mind?? I’ve been preparing for this race for 8 MONTHS!! Everyone who knows me knows I’m training for and want to run this race. I even have a goal to qualify for the Boston marathon. I’ve put in endless hours of training… for what? to quit? to not run?!?!  NO!  How am I even thinking this? Why have I lost my motivation and my excitement?

Well, I know why. I feel like my training isn’t going as well as I hoped it would. My body is sore and tired and I’m going to be traveling for the majority of the next two weeks.

Did you read that right? Re-read those last sentences.. do you see that? Those are my excuses and I’m buying into them. Why am I buying into my excuses?  Because if I believe them then, in my head, it gives me an out for not performing as well as I hoped in the race.. or even worse, it gives me an out of the race all together. I need to get rid of these excuses and I need to do it quickly. Why? Because I want to qualify for the Boston Marathon on February 27th. I need to start believing in myself.

Ok so how do I start, well for one I need to debunk all of those excuses

Excuse #1 My training isn’t going as well as I hoped

My positive self-talk: So what? I ran 20 miles 3 TIMES!! That is ample training for a downhill easy race. Training runs are supposed to be harder than race day. I’m still in the best shape of my life.

Excuse #2 My body is sore and tired

My positive self-talk: Of course it’s sore and tired.. that’s normal for the amount of training I’m doing. I have 2 whole weeks to fuel my body properly, get plenty of sleep, maintain my fitness and have an amazing race on the 27th.

Excuse #3 I’m going to be traveling for the majority of the next two weeks

My positive self-talk: How wonderful that I have a schedule that allows me to travel so much. This gives me the opportunity to run in different places with different scenery. The same old runs are getting boring anyway.

Whew!! I feel better. Now it’s your turn. What are your excuses that are bogging down your excitement toward your goal? Write them down and then give yourself a new perspective. Every excuse/obstacle is an opportunity in disguise.

If you want some help transforming your excuses shoot me an email or schedule a session and we’ll talk it through.

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What did you do to refuel your energy? Do you have tips and tricks for staying on track even when it feels like your trudging through mud?

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