Foundation Of Self-Belief

The first step to building anything is first designing and constructing a foundation. Beautiful sky scrapers would crumble and fall if it weren’t for their sturdy, supportive foundations. When you believe in yourself you create a sturdy, supportive foundation for anything else that you wish to create or achieve in your life. Believing in yourself means having the confidence to take action and make things happen, even in the face of fear and other obstacles.

I invite you to become an observer of your life so that you can identify and transform limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs. This transformation occurs as you build your foundation of self-belief. It is important to note that you already have empowering beliefs. You, just like everyone else, have mental systems and programs that function with a mixture of limiting beliefs and empowering beliefs.  I have identified four steps for transformation known as The 4 E’s. The four steps are:

  1. Establish Current Beliefs
  2. Evaluate Limiting Beliefs
  3. Express new Desired Beliefs
  4. Empower Self Through Visualizations and Affirmations

Today we are going to address Step one which is all about gaining awareness. Before deciding what, if anything, you want to transform, it is important for you to know your current system, specifically any mistaken or limiting beliefs. There are three categories of mistaken beliefs, also known as the three major MUSTs. These mistaken beliefs were developed by Albert Ellis, an American Psychologist who developed Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy (REBT).

Three categories of Mistaken Beliefs

  1. I must be perfect, I must never make a mistake. People must never criticize me.
  2. People must act the way I want.
  3. Life must always go the way I want.


STEP 1: Establish current beliefs by identifying which limiting beliefs resonate with you right now. (Circle all that apply)

  • I am powerless. Outside circumstances are happening to me and I don’t have any control.
  • Life is a struggle. Something must be wrong if life seems too easy pleasurable or fun.
  • If I take a risk, I’ll fail. If I fail, others will reject me.
  • I’m unimportant. My feelings and needs don’t matter.
  • I always should look good and act nice no matter how I feel.
  • If I worry enough, this problem will get better or go away.
  • I can’t cope with difficult or scary situations.
  • The outside world is dangerous. There is only safety in what is known and familiar.


Now that you’ve identified your limiting beliefs it’s important to note that they can be changed. Your thought processes and mindset are not set in stone. Scientific research has proven that the brain can be rewired; however, beliefs cannot simply be removed. Your beliefs are connected to how you define yourself in the world. If a belief is removed and not replaced with another belief, then, when a triggering event occurs, you will revert back to the default thought process and mindset. However, if the belief is replaced with a new empowering belief then when you experience the same triggering event, you have already reprogramed your thought processes and you will experience a different reaction because of your new foundation of self-belief.

The choice is yours. You get to choose whether or not you want to keep the limiting beliefs or transform them into empowering beliefs. Limiting beliefs stop you from achieving your goals and result in feelings of defeat, lack, and an “I can’t attitude.” Empowering beliefs enable you to lead a flourishing life fueled by feelings of excitement and motivation.

Love and Happiness,

Carmen P

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