Heal Your GASH

I regularly tell my clients and close friends one simple statement. I tell them “hurt people, hurt people.” This short but simple statement helped me understand my past and understand others in my life. It’s common to spend minutes, hours or even days trying to figure out why someone we love said something so mean or why they did something that hurt us to our core. When we accept that “hurt people, hurt people” we are instantly able to understand them better and instead of feeling hurt or angry we are able to feel compassion.

Why does understanding this fact now allow us to feel compassion? We start feeling compassion because we’ve been there. We’ve screamed hurtful words and purposely hurt our loved ones when we were hurting within ourselves. Maybe you’re still hurting in someway.

Are you ready to heal your GASH?  Are you ready to heal your Guilt, Anger or Shame? Are you sick and tired of trying to cover up the pain and hurt? More importantly, are you ready to stop lashing out at your loved ones?

Everyone experiences Guilt, Anger and/or Shame at some-point in their life and often these feelings regularly reside underneath the surface. These feelings are seemingly hidden and only experienced in silence. Your GASH does not need to be a secret. You can can connect with other and you can heal.

When you’re ready, I recommend you read through and consider the following 5 steps to heal your GASH. These apply whether you are experiencing Guilt, Anger, Shame or any combination of the three.

  1. Acknowledge your feelings – set aside some conscious time to experience what’s going on in your mind and in your heart. Also spend time acknowledging what caused you to feel this way. Give your self time to go through this process.
  2. Accept your feelings – now that you’ve acknowledged that you are experiencing Guilt, Anger and/or Shame, accept these feelings, embrace them as normal and human. Know that you aren’t alone and it is OK to feel the way you do.
  3. Forgive yourself and forgive whoever or whatever caused you to feel guilt, anger and/or shame.
  4. Release the feelings of Guilt, Anger and/or Shame. You’ve been going through life holding on to these feelings. Where has that gotten you? Have you healed? If you’re ready to heal it’s time to release the feelings. Notice the lightness and energy that returns after you let go.
  5. Refill the hole with a new feeling. This is the most important step. Choose to refill the hole with something that fills you up such as joy, love, compassion, passion or determination.

Every step in this process is a choice. You much choose to Acknowledge, Accept, Forgive, Release and Refill. You must choose to heal your GASH. Once you’ve made those five choices you are ready to connect to the Goddess within. Your GASH has been keeping you from loving and accepting your authentic self. When you connect to the Goddess within you are able to live a life you love.

When you’re ready to #HealYourGASH I’m here to support you. Do you want to connect with other Authentic Women and experience the #GoddessConnection join us here on Facebook

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