2017 – Do It Right!

It’s the beginning of 2017 and if you’re like me you’re excited for the new year. You’re ready to start fresh and you’ve probably thought about your goals for the year. Maybe you’ve even created a vision board. I definitely started one ;-).  It’ll be finished soon!

But have you thought about your theme for the year? Do you have a mantra or affirmation to remind you why you’re choosing do things differently? What happens if you get stuck?

As you’ve noticed, the title of this post is “2017-Do It Right.” This implies that there is a wrong way to do something and that’s a debate I’m still having with my Boo. Your right way is different than my right way and that doesn’t mean one of us is wrong.

My 2017 message to you is:


Follow this advice and you’ll find your own right way.

Love and Happiness,

Carmen P

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