Self-Belief Training

Supplement your team training with the Self-Belief Training series that will teach your team how to recognize and change default thoughts and beliefs. This self-development program inspires internal transformation to improve external  personal and professional results.

The training series includes the processes identified in the Mindset Change Cycle and in the book: How To Believe In Yourself. Both the change cycle and the steps identified in the book require self-awareness and conscious change in order to successfully reach pre-identified goals. 

Identifying new thoughts and beliefs is empowering. Self-Belief is a choice. It's important to choose thoughts and beliefs that support goals and inspire committed  action.

It is crucial to know current belief systems and current thoughts before deciding if they are empowering action or limiting progress. Completing open ended sentences will easily reveal subconscious beliefs.

Express New Desired Beliefs

Evaluate Limiting Beliefs

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Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm not happy with the results?

How will this training series help my team?

If, after 30 days following the Self-Belief Training program, you are not satisfied with your teams' improvements, then I will provide a 100% refund.

Many times limiting beliefs relate to personal potential and are subconscious. These beliefs are often revealed when answering the right questions. The Self-Belief Training program asks the right questions so that participants recognize and release the limiting beliefs that are holding them back from success.

Empower Self Through Affirmations And Visulaizations

Establish Current Belief Systems

The Self-Belief Training program includes an interactive presentation, as well as worksheets and a copy of the book, How To Believe In Yourself: A 7-Step Guide For Overcoming Fear And Self-Doubt. This material is provided for each attendee.

Is there a downloadable version of the training?

The downloadable version of the Self-Belief Training program is currently being created. As of right now, only in-person training modules are available. 

If you would like to be notified when the downloadable version is available

please email:

These didn't answer my questions. How do I get more information?

The 4 E's

With knowledge comes power. Choose the beliefs and thoughts that are standing in the way of success. These limiting beliefs are obstacles that can be removed.

What type of material is provided with the training?

Change is great but supporting the change is key. Support new thoughts and beliefs with daily affirmations and visualizations of success. 

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