Leah Wessel ~ Client Testimonial

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Chelsea Genet ~ Client Testimonial

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Alicia Robinson~ Client Testimonial

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Darla Anderson


“Highly recommended! Carmen is very helpful in just a short time.” ~ Darla Anderson



Sophia Simo“Carmen, your book was timely and the workshop, too, because you helped me to believe in myself to publish my book. I needed that extra boost to know I was worthy. A couple of months before I published my book, I remember you telling me that publishing will open doors for me. I didn’t truly understand it but now I see the difference. It opened doors for me in a way where I am confident and assured of myself, what I’m doing and where I’m going. I know what I want and what I like. I am freer and not afraid to shine my light, to put myself out there. Not just with the book but engaging with life in general. Thank you!” ~ Sophia Simo


Angela Reina


“My stress is gone and I already feel free. Thanks for the session! It made me feel more confident.” ~ Angle Reina




Steve's picture

“Working with Carmen for the brief time I did was to say the least….eye opening. Carmen shows you how you are sabotaging your success by certain everyday thoughts, and then shows you how to counter that by replacing those thoughts with positive thinking. I definitely recommend her if you are stuck, or looking for self improvement or growth in business or personal life! Thanks for the help Carmen as it is much appreciated.” ~ Steve Rathbun